Serving Counties in
Northern Wisconsin

Primary Service Area Outlined in green, within a 30-miles radius of Hayward.

Emergency Deliveries
If you have an emergency and need fuel right away, we can usually accommodate. If your fuel tank is completely empty, we require a safety test be performed before it can be refilled. These emergency deliveries and safety tests may be subject to additional charges.

Requesting Your Propane Fills
If you're not enrolled in our "Scheduled Delivery" program, the best time to request a propane fill is when your fuel tank reads between 20-25%. To request a fill, simply give us a call or send an email (see Request A Fill tab). Deliveries will be completed within 2-5 days of a fill request.

How To Read A Gauge On A Propane Thank
Reading your propane gas gauge is simple to do. The gauge is located under the cap at the top of the tank. The numbers on the gauge represent a percentage. The pointer in the middle of the gauge points to one of those numbers.

We offer competitive pricing, superior customer service, safety and peace of mind.

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